Friends of Marlene Committee

Friends of Marlene Committee


Jenn Kimball

Mary Patton

Committee Members:

Martin D. Balogh

Sharon Bellock

Rhonda Chesney

Barbara Connell

Jenna Cummins

Rose Dubrovich

Catherine A. Dunlap

Jean Ferrone

Peggy Murray Hagaman

MJ Meisenheimer

Rick Hud

Laura Jelinek

Susan R. Katz

Michelle Mason

Cassie Niespodzwiezanski

Felix Niespodzwiezanski

Mary Beth Nowak

Annie Palmerson

Maddie Palmerson

Francine Pepitone; Founder of Friends of Marlene

Shaun Pirrera

Kelly Snyder

Sarah Stanley

James H. Sweeney

Christopher Wehking

Maddie Wehking

Joe Wilush​​​​​​​

If you would like to learn more about the Friends of Marlene or  Gilda’s Club Chicago, please contact Vera Rotolo at (312) 464-9900 ext 163. 
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Thank you to our Donors

Thank you to our Donors

A heartfelt thank you to our donors!

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